Spend More Time Caring for Patients and Less time Faxing Orders

DMEscripts guides you through an easy, step-by-step process to create complete and accurate medical equipment orders in minutes, not days.

Over 90%* of orders are accepted the first time.

*Based on order data from DMEscripts.


Discharge Patients Faster

DMEscripts simplifies the equipment ordering process so care teams can speed up discharge and ensure patients receive the equipment they need to be healthy, safe, and satisfied.

  • Pre-qualify patients for equipment
  • Track orders from submission to delivery
  • Integrate DMEscripts with your EHR system



Complete Orders in Minutes

DMEscripts helps you create and submit orders so you can avoid extra rework and focus on treating your patients.

  • Reduce rework and resubmissions
  • Generate and sign prescriptions
  • Eliminate back-and-forth with DME suppliers
  • Track orders to completion


Long-Term Post-Acute Care Providers

Ensure Patients Get What They Need, When They Need It

  • Easily confirm Medicare/Medicaid qualifications
  • Reduce rework and resubmissions
  • Increase insurance acceptance rates
  • Track equipment orders from submission to delivery


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